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  August 2nd, 2016
 July 30, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  This last week was King of the Track Qualifier for Super. Congratulations to Matt Himes for winning Super. So this week we will be doing the run off for King of the Track, Josh Stassen in Gamblers, Wayne Kofahl in Street, Sam Capizzi Sr. in Pro and Matt Himes in Super. Good Luck guys. Now for the winners of this past Saturday night. Gamblers winner was Mike Adam and Sam Capizzi Jr. came in second.

  Super Pro:
1. Matt Himes
2. Thomas Fletcher
3Sam DeMareo II
4Dan Cristo

1st Sam DeMareo II
2ndArt Jones
3rdMatt Himes
4th. Scott Beasaw Sr

1st. Bob Lynchesky
2ndJim Zag
3rdRJ Whitney
4thDJ Reavis
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