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  June 22nd, 2016
 June 18, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Race results from June 18, 2016 are as follows:

  Super Pro:
1. Matt Himes
2. Mark Talmadge
3.Carles White
4. Sam DeMareo II

1st Mason Fix
2nd Sam DeMareo II
3rd Matt Himes
4th. Dillon Dayton

1st. Jim Zag
2nd Rich Garland
3rd Mike Halsey
4th Matt Galiotti

  We would like to remind everyone that we will be racing on July 4th. We have had many companies help us out with the July 4th Race. A big THANKS goes out to Craig Starks, your local Mac Tool Man!! He has given the Street class and extra $200 that will be divided between the top 4 places. We have also had others who are helping us out with this race we will be announcing them soon. We are very excited for the race to come. Bring all your friends and family on down to join us in the day of fun.

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