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  June 7th, 2016
 June 4, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Week 3 and the car count is going up!! It was a good night of racing so here are your winners from 6/4/2016 racing.

  Super Pro:
1. Dan Tantalo from Rochester NY
2. Sam CapizziSr from Rochester NY
3.ScottBeasaw Sr. from Ontario, NY
4Tony Fiaretti from Walworth, NY

1st Mason Fix from Amherst, NY
2ndSam Demareo II from Webster, NY
3rdMatt Himes from Ontario, NY
4th. Mike LaRose JR. from West Monroe, NY

1st. Jim Zag from Shortsville, NY
2ndBob Kelsch from Ontario, NY
3rdRich Garland from Macedon, NY
4thBob Lynchesky from Rochester , NY

  Gamblers winner was Sam DeMareo II and Tommy Calabrese finished 2nd. We are interested in starting a Powder Puff Class. If you would be interested in doing so please talk to either Chuck or myself so we know who may want to so this class.

Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
John White (631)745-9805