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  May 23rd, 2016
 May 21, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  This week was a big hit. It rained a little but with time they got the track dry and we raced. Super Pro had 21 cars and the top 4 were Westley Cayea winning first place with Dean Olschewski coming in second. Mark Talmadge came in third and for his first season in super pro Paul Zardalik came in forth.

  Pro winner was Sam Demareo II with Matt Himes coming in second. Ryan Ricketson came in third and Tony Faretti came in forth.

Street winner was John Cira Jr. Rich Garland came in second with Rick Desens and Matt Galiotti coming in third and forth.

  We had time for a gamblers race and Chuckie White took first and Joshua Stassen came in second.

  We would like to thanks everyone who came out to race, it was a good time for everyone.


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