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August 19th, 2011

by Gary M. Spaid

WILLIAMSON, NY…Not once, but twice were feature races decided last Friday at Spencer exiting the fourth turn on the final lap of the race. In the NASCAR Sunoco Modifieds, Mike Leaty, Williamson, NY, moved into position to make the pass exiting the second turn on lap 35. He move alongside of Kevin Timmerman and just nosed him out exiting the fourth turn to take the victory.

“People seem to want a rivalry between myself and Kevin,” stated Leaty in victory lane. “Well tonight was a pay back for an earlier bump by Kevin to take the lead from me.”

The same type of pass worked in the Auto Value Scorpion feature. Mike Bradshaw took the lead in the 15-lap feature on lap one and led all the way until exiting the fourth turn on the final lap. Alison Knoepfler had worked her way underneath Bradshaw and powered through the hole she created to take the feature win by a mere 12 inches at the finish line.

Following a “big hug” between Alison and Mike in victory lane, Alison stated, “It just so cool tonight as we won our heat race and now the feature. It’s been a fun night of racing.”

Kris Hillegeer, Williamson, NY, picked up his fifth feature win in a row cruising around the track, as attrition knocked out more then half of the cars by lap seven.

Henrietta’s Mitchell Wright fell short again, finishing second. To date he has seven top three finishes in the nine features run in 2011 at Spencer. He just can not seem to sew up that first feature win.

The Super Sixes saw Chris Andolino, from Bloomfield, take the 20-lap feature win. Andolino held off a late race charge by multi-time feature winner Tim Faro to take the victory, his second win of the 2011 racing season.

Pole sitter, Dave Catalano took command of the 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature when the green flag dropped. He powered away from the field, but the yellow flew when his wife, Amy, looped around in between the third and fourth turns in the infield grass.

The restart saw Mike Leaty, who restarted on the outside front row, was able to power by Catalano to take over the lead. Kevin Timmerman quickly followed Leaty around the outside of Catalano for second. Both Leaty and Timmerman then began to pull away from the rest of the field. A lap later, Daryl Lewis passed Catalano for third.

The yellow flew for a second time on lap nine when Dave Catalano, running in fourth spun around exiting the second turn.

The restart saw Eddie Hawkins take third from Lewis Jr., but he was unable to meet the pace set by the two leaders.

On lap 27, Timmerman pulled low exiting the second turn and powered by Leaty for the lead. Timmerman then began to pull away by himself. On lap 32, as the field came down the front stretch the number 54 of Dave Catalano began to belch blue flames from the exhaust headers, with strange popping sounds coming from under the hood. He slowed to a stop to bring out the yellow one last time,

Leaty now had his opportunity to get back the lead. He pulled the same move that Timmerman had used on him several laps earlier, exiting the second turn on the final lap. Side-by-side the two raced until exiting the fourth turn where Timmerman drifted high allowing Leaty the chance to nose out front.

Leaty claimed the victory. Following him across the finish line were Timmerman, Hawkins, Amy Catalano and Daryl Lewis Jr. to make up the top five finishers.

The Super Stock feature went green-to-checkers. Mitchell Wright took the lead at the drop of the green, but was passed by Kris Hillegeer down the back chute on lap four. Many fans were expecting a charge by multi-time feature winner Jim Steffenhagen Jr., but that never materialized as he pulled pitside on lap five.

The final 15 laps around the oval saw Hillegeer in total command of the race with Wright falling back each lap. A number of cars, more then half the field, dropped out of the race by lap seven. Following Hillegeer across the finish line were Wright, Steve Malin, Tommy Catalano, in his street stock, and Brandon Larner.

“Once we were out front I took it easy and just watched my mirror,” stated Hillegeer who now leads the track point race by more then 100 points.

The Four Cylinder Auto Value Scorpions were running for double points. The points leader Mike Bradshaw started fifth and quickly charged down the inside lane to take the lead as the field came around to complete lap one. Bradshaw was able to build up a five car advantage over second place runner Joe Clark. Clark then lost second to Alison Knoepfler on lap six. Knoepfler then set out to chase down Bradshaw.

Without a yellow, the race was running at a record pace, but Knoepfler was closing the gap driving her Acura Integra. As they came to the third turn on the final lap Knoepfler ducked low and made a lane for herself under Bradshaw. The two bumped each other exiting the fourth turn. At the line it was Knoepfler by a foot claiming the victory, her second of the season. Bradshaw finished second followed by Clark, Russell Peets and Zach Willis.

“I had the chance to take the lead and I figured I had to go for it,” stated Knoepfler.

In the Super Sixes main event, Peter Cowell took the early lead in the 20-lap main event. Chris Andolino, running third, began to pick the cars off one at a time. Each time Andolino made his move exiting the second turn. He had second on lap two and charged into the lead on lap three. Andolino then began to pull away from the field.

Division point leader, Tim Faro then began to show some power. Faro pulled into second, lap 12, just before the yellow flag flew when Adam Van Hall spun exiting the fourth turn. This closed the field together for a late race restart.

The restart saw Andolino hold off Faro. Brian Hallett then joined the front runners, resulting in Faro battling to hold second and letting Andolino pull away for the victory. Faro came home second followed by Hallett, Van Grant and Cowell to round out the top five.

“I just want to thank John Welch for letting me drive his car,” stated Andolino, who stated his own car had developed mechanical issues as of late.

SPENCER NOTE: A special drawing was held to support the folks at the Wayne County Animal Shelter. The winner received as three hour Limo ride to a place of their choice. All of the money collected went to the Wayne County Animal Shelter to help care for the animals…Word around the pit area was that Jim Steffenhagen Jr. sold his potent Super Stock ride to another Super Stock racer…TQ Midget driver Timex Morgan made his NASCAR debut driving the Jeff Hamman’s number 99 Sunoco Modified.

NASCAR Racing resumes this Friday at Spencer, August 26, featuring a full program of racing in all divisions. The Legend Cars will join the action too. To start the evening activities the second Kids’ Bicycle Races take to the front stretch starting at 7 p.m. Kids need to register for the races by 6:45 p.m. at the track offices.

The Kids also make the spotlight as it will be poster night sponsored by Bradshaw Racing. Judging of the posters will be done by the track photographers. Posters need to be on display by race time. The NASCAR race time will be 7:30 p.m. sharp. For more information go on Spencer Speedway go to

Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points. Just three weeks of racing remain in the 2011 NASCAR season at Spencer.





HEAT 1: A. Knoepfler, B. Bradshaw, K. Bertolone, R. Peets, R. Gross.

HEAT 2: M. Bradshaw, O. Bradshaw, A. Montgomery, J. Clark, D. Bradshaw.

FEATURE (15-laps): ALISON KNOEPFLER, Mike Bradshaw, Joe Clark, Russell Peets, Zach Willis, Otis Bradshaw, Beth Dennie, Kevin Bertolone, Bro Bradshaw, Dave Bradshaw, Dale Lazzaro, Richie Gross, Andrea LaManna, DNS: Austin Montgomery.



HEAT 1: P. Cowell, R. Hillegeer, T. Faro, R. Wilson, T. Youngs.

HEAT 2: B. Hallett, C. Andolino, B. Allen, V. Grant, A. VanHall.

FEATURE (20-laps): CHRIS ANDOLINO, Tim Faro, Brian Hallett, Van Grant, Peter Cowell, Brandon Allen, Rick Wilson, Bill Malin, Troy Youngs, Ryan Hillegeer, Adam VanHall.



HEAT: M. Wright, J. Steffenhagen Jr., K. Hillegeer, B. Gordon, B. Gleason.

FEATURE (20-laps) : KRIS HILLEGEER, Mitchell Wright, Steve Malin, Tom Catalano (Street Stock), Brandon Larner, Billy Gleason, Tom Fecteau, Brandon Gordon, Jim Steffenhagen Jr.



HEAT 1: M. Leaty, D. Catalano, R. Beeman, F. Taylor, T. Bradshaw.

HEAT 2: A. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., B. Lippa Jr., J. Boerman, T. Cheetham.

HEAT 3: K. Timmerman, E. Hawkins, E. Stritzel, M. Lees.

FEATURE (35-laps): MIKE LEATY, Kevin Timmerman, Eddie Hawkins, Amy Catalano, Daryl Lewis Jr., Bobby Lippa Jr., Terry Cheetham, Fred Taylor, Timex Morgan, Paul Jeffers, Jake Boerman, Mike Cline, Scott Combs, Dave Catalano, Andy Lewis, Ryan Beeman, Matt Lees, Eric Stritzel, Toad Bradshaw.


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