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May 14th, 2011

WILLIAMSON, NY…The annual Test and Tune Session yearly opens up the racing season at Spencer Speedway. This year was no exception, as 46 cars, and a good size crowd turned out last Friday night. Three complete test rounds were run, each featuring five different classes of cars. The first set of cars were on the track for the fourth and final session as dusk was fast approaching, when mother nature let lose with rain, ending the night’s on track activities.

A fine field of 16 NASCAR Sunoco Modifieds was on hand with Kevin Timmerman, the 2010 Spencer Champion, claiming fast time, with a 21.18 second lap, for an average speed of 84.986 mph. This would mean Timmerman was sailing down the long Spencer Speedway straight-aways at just over 100 mph.

However the biggest class on hand was the NASCAR Auto Value Scorpions, featuring Honda, Chevrolets, Toyotas and Ford Mustangs. The 03 of Dale Lazzaro was caught with fast time, turning in a lap just under 70 mph, with a time of 25.80 seconds.

The RoC tour-type modifieds of Mike Leaty and Chris Ridsdale were also on hand, with Leaty lighting up the track with a lap of 20.55 seconds, just a half second faster then Timmerman’s best Sunoco Modified time. The RoC cars will be making just one appearance in 2011 at Spencer, June 17, for a 75-lap RoC Qualifier.

The newly revamped NASCAR Super Stock class saw a number of former street stocks converted over to the new rules. Surprisingly Amy Catalano, testing out a car for her son Tom set fast time with a lap of 23.68 seconds, 76.014 mph. Chris Hillegeer challenge Catalano’s times, running consistently fast lap times. Last year’s Street Stock Champion, Mitchell Wright set third fastest time.

As for the NASCAR Super Sixes, only five cars were on hand with Ryan Hillegeer running consistent fast laps. He turned in a lap of 26.86 seconds or 67.014 mph second on track session.

Even with this excellent turn out of cars, more are expected to compete come this Friday for the 57th Annual Season Opener. Topping the schedule of events in the opener is a 100-lap Sunoco Modified main event, along with a complete program of Super Stocks, Super Sixes and Auto Value Scorpion. Added to the event is the first of six appearances of the Legend Cars at Spencer in 2011.

This NASCAR Sunoco Modified 100 will be the first event counting towards the new Graff Trucking/Sunoco Fuels Holland/Spencer /Chemung Upstate NY Pro-Modified Challenge. Race time starts at 7:30 sharp, with grandstands opening at 5:30 p.m.. Pits open at 4 p.m..

SPENCER PIT NOTES: Roger Worden debuted a beautifully “wrapped” Super Stock dedicated to the memory of 9-11-01 and the victims of that attack…A new slimmer Jody London was on hand, but did not have his Fred Taylor backup #44 car at the track…New paint schemes were all of rage, however Mike Leaty’s new number 1 Sunoco Mod hosted a simple plain white design…All cars on track had to pass through a pre-inspection in the NASCAR tech garage….How many Bradshaw Auto Value Scorpion cars are there? The team made multiple runs back and forth between their home and the speedway carrying one car at a time. At least seven cars were on hand….The 01 of Mike Bradshaw made heavy contact with the rear of the 91 Scorpion exiting the second turn for the worst accident of the evening. This accident took place in the third of four test sessions. Both cars suffered body damage.

Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Series championship.



NASCAR Sunoco Modifieds: (17) Kevin Timmerman 21.18 (84.986 mph), (99) Bill Burd 21.27, (1) Mike Leaty 21.41, (8) Chris Finocchario 21.45, (65) Andy Lewis 21.78, (33) Eddie Hawkins 21.89, (4) Fred Taylor 21.89, (67) Jake Boerman 22.01, (47) Paul Jeffers 22.29, (30) Travis Grover 22.50, (10) Daryl Lewis Jr. 22.50, (05) Matt Lees 22.61, (12) John Semmler 23.01, (15) Bobby Lippa Jr. 23.24, (54) Amy Catalano 23.33, (11) John Avery 25.33


RoC Modifieds: (25) Mike Leaty 20.55 (87.591 mph), (1) Chris Ridsdale 21.29


NASCAR Super Stocks: (54) Amy Catalano 23.68 (76.014 mph), (18) Chris Hillegeer 23.73, (25) Mitchell Wright 24.13, (13) Jim Steffenhagen 24.14, (32) Roger Worden 24.89, (26) Dan Scott NT


NASCAR Super Sixes: (18) Ryan Hillegeer 26.86 (67.014 mph), (22) Willie Strusz 27.01, (98) Tim Faro 27.28, (2) Adam VanHall 27.57, (88) John Walsh 28.21, (72) Rick Wilson NT


NASCAR Auto Value Scorpions: (03) Dale Lazzaro 25.80 (69.767 mph), (??) Billy Semmler 25.93, (18) Kevin Bertolone 26.36, (75) Zach Willis 26.45, (5) Allison Knoepfler 26.92, (91) Josh Waite 27.05, (02) Mike Bradshaw 27.05, (7) Joe Cook 27.23, (00) Otis Bradshaw 27.73, (26) Jay Scott 27.85, (0) Bro Bradshaw 28.52, (25) Beth Dennie 29.04, (54) Tom Austin 31.66, (06) Richie Gross 32.14, (07) Billy Semmler NT, (05) Andrea LaManna NT, (01) Dave Bradshaw -crashed


Legends Cars: (8) Bryce Norton 25.19 (71.457 mph)


All times are unofficial, as transponders were not used. Each record shows - car number, driver, and seconds- Not every car was able to receive a time based on time on the track and length of timing session.


Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
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