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Press Releases

May 10th, 2011

WILLIAMSON/HOLLAND, NY…For the second year in a row the NASCAR tracks in upstate New York have joined together to host the second annual Upstate Pro-Modified Challenge Series brought to you by Graff Trucking and Sunoco Race Fuels. Joining Spencer and Holland this year will be Spencer Speedway’s sister track, the Chemung Speedrome.

“We wanted to make the series even better and offer different opportunities to compete,” stated Spencer/Chemung Promoter John White. “The tracks have come together to offer a special and unique opportunity to earn NASCAR Whelen All-American points and generate interest in open-wheel asphalt modified racing.

In 2011, a driver will be able to count their best six point finishes, three from Holland and three from a combination of either Spencer and/or Chemung. For example a driver can earn Challenge points by racing three series races at Holland and three times at either the series races at Spencer or Chemung, or a combination of three races at these last two sister speedways.

Points for the series will be based on 50 points for winning, less two points per finishing position. Heat points will be awarded based on 10 points down to two points with everyone in a heat earning at least two points.

One minor issue might be tires. Holland has opted to run Goodyear Tires in 2011 and Spencer/Chemung will remain on Hoosier Tires. When you race at a given track you have to run their tires. “We feel a driver will only need to buy a total of six Goodyears to run the races at Holland,” stated Holland promoter Tim Bennett. The same should also hold true for Holland drivers running at either Spencer and /or Chemung.

An Upstate NY Pro-Modified Challenge point fund has been established. Currently Paul Graff Trucking and Sunoco Race Fuels have contributed to the fund, now totaling $3,000.

“Everyone who qualifies, running the minimum six races, three at Holland and three at either Spencer or Chemung, will split the point fund,” stated Holland Promoter Tim Bennett. “We hope to have more added to this fund throughout the season. We want everyone to know if they give money towards the driver point fund, 100 percent of the money goes to the driver point fund, nothing is being kept by any of the speedways involved.”



Night-Date Track Event

Fri-May 20 Spencer Sunoco Fuels 100

Sat-May 28 Holland National Overhead Door 35

Fri-June 3 Spencer Insinger Racing Fuels 30

Sat-June 11 Holland Time Warner Cable 35

Sun-June 19 Chemung Sunoco Fuels Twin 30 Race #1

Sun-June 19 Chemung Sunoco Fuels Twin 30 Race #2

Sat-July 9 Holland Hunter’s Help 35

Fri-July 15 Spencer NASCAR 30

Sat-July 23 Holland George Decker Memorial 100

Fri-July 29 Spencer Whelen All-American 30

Fri-Aug 12 Chemung Sunoco Weekly 40

Sat-Sept 3 Holland Budweiser 100

Fri-Sept 9 Spencer Sunoco Fuels 100


Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
John White (631)745-9805