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April 30th, 2013
 Spencer Speedway Drag Racing Season Opener Notes
  by Starr Mullie

  Well the season is fast approaching and we have been diligently working on getting the facility ready for racing. We have some new staff joining the track official team to replace some of the staff not returning and to continue with the burn out area clean up and also continue in the organization of the staging lanes.

  In the continuance of organizing the staging lanes is the assistance of the racers in getting to the lanes when you are called up to the lanes promptly. Do not come to the lanes prior to your class being called as this will result in either you being returned to your pit area or taking a lap. I ask this as we are getting too much confusion in the lanes when we are planning different things and if a racer gets into the lanes when not supposed to be there it bottle necks everything and we are not always able to move out of the way. Please pay attention to the announcements as they will give you the information needed. We will be announcing the bye runs in between rounds, this is so the bye run racer doesnít get into the lanes and then we have to try to get that racer out into the appropriate staging area. Each class will be called 3 times as in the past, 5 minutes after 3rd call the lanes will be closed and the possibility of loss of chance to run.

  The first couple of weeks we will be opening the gate at 1pm for tech inspection. Get there early, get your car inspected so we can start time trials promptly at 5:30. Absolutely no car will be allowed down the track unless it has been through tech inspection.

  May 11th only the time trials will be open. This means do as many time trials as you wish, there will be no fee charged. We ask that you keep movement on the track, help season the track by getting some rubber down. Once there is no movement prior to 7:30pm we will close time trials. The qualifier for bye run in the 1st round eliminator time trial will be started approximately 6:30 or so, depending on car count. We must keep movement on the track at all times, unless there is a break down of some sort.

  The Super class entry fee has been raised to $50.00. The additional $5.00 of the lower car count for each tier is going towards the payout. In example for the 10-20 car count $50.00 (10 x $5) will be added to payout, 21-30 car count $105.00 (21 x $5) added to payout, etc. The majority of the increase is going towards payout. The new payout will be posted. The first car count tier will now be paid 4 places with 3rd and 4th place getting $50.00. I realize it isnít much however it is a start. Bring the car count up and more payout is realized.

  We will be having a drag race exhibition again on May 31st. If you would like to participate please advise us, as we have a limited field.

  Chassis certification is on June 8th from 12-4pm. Cost is $150.00 all going to NHRA. If you are going to participate, please let me know so I can advise NHRA. If we do not get enough participation it will be cancelled.

  Bracket finals are September 19-21 at Numidia Raceway in Pennsylvania. If you need hotel accommodations reserve early as the County fair is starting on the 22nd. I will need to have team participation count to NHRA by August 1st. The entry fee is $75.00 and we have a smaller team count of 40 entrants.

  Season Pit spaces are available for $200/per spot. If you are interested please complete the form on the website and submit with $200. The spaces have been renumbered there are 27 spaces available. The racers that had pit spaces last year will have 1st option for the spot they had last year (just a different number). If all of last years spots are renewed this will leave approximately 12-14 spaces available. Reserve your spot as soon as possible. Also anyone who has a spot reserved if you could provide a cone with your name on it that can be left at the track we will place at your space every week, that would be greatly appreciated.

  Last item is regarding Pit Vehicles. All motorized pit vehicles MUST be registered with the track with a pit vehicle sticker. The pit vehicle sticker can be purchased with NHRA insurance for $50.00 or if you have proof of insurance (copy needed to be on file) for $10.00. These are good at any Northeast Division track until December 31st of current year. ABSOLUTELY NO OPERATION of pit vehicle on property without proper registration. This will be strictly enforced! See me for your registration sticker.

  Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone on May 11th.


Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
John White (631)745-9805