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  April 10th, 2015
  Spencer Speedway 2015 Drag Program by Spencer Speedway

  After many meetings with much discussions, we met with John on Wed (4/8) and the decision to run drag racing at Spencer Speedway was made. Our first weekend will be June 6th with a test and tune session till dark with a gamblers race. Then the next week, June 13, will be the first night of racing and will race every week after, except for the July 4th weekend which we will not race on that weekend.

  Racing will run the same as it has in the past with the help of many of your fellow racers helping with spraying, and set up of the track.

  We will also be looking at the general rules and making some changes to them. So please make sure that you look at them to make yourself aware of any rule changes that may affect you.

  The racers are trying to raise funds so that we can make some improvements in the track and with the payout. If you have any questions about giving a donation please contact Chucky White 1-585-944-0842 and he will direct you in the right direction.

  At this meeting it was discussed whether the message boards should be put back up and running. We have decided that they will NOT be put back up and running. If you have any complaints then you need to bring them up at the track and it will be taken care of then.

  August 23rd, 2014

  August 30, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  We thought that we were going to rain out on Saturday August 30, but the rain held off and we did some racing.

  Super Pro winner was Westley Cayea, driving for his wife Jamie. In second place was Joshua Stessen. Third place was Eric Beckens and in forth place was Neal Onderdonk.

  Pro class winner was Little Sam DeMareo. In second place was Paul Zardarlik. In third place was Matt Himes. Taking forth place was Joe Williams.

  Street class winner was Jim Zag, Bob Lynchesky took second and Todd Minerd came in third.

  We only have 2 weeks left of racing so come on out and see us.

  August 23rd, 2014
  August 23, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  This week we saw a lot of good racing. The beginning of the night didnít start out well when we had a car go off the end of the track, but once that was all taken care of we got right into racing.

  George Smith took first place in the Super class with Joe Williams taken second and Neal Onderdonk in third and Mike Adams in forth.

  The Pro class saw Sam Capizzi Jr. in first with Dave Beaton in second Ken Hawkins came in third and Scott Beasaw Sr. came in forth.

  Street class was Matt Galiotti in first with Bob Kelsch in second and Rich Garland in third.

  We had time for a gamblers race with Scott Schrader took first and Bob Kelsch came in second.

  We are looking forward to another great racing night this Saturday night.

  August 9th, 2014
  August 9, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  It was the king of the track qualifies for Super and Pro this week due to our rain out last week.

  Winner of super class was Tommy Calabrese. Mike Adam came in second with Joe Williams and Ken Nogay coming in third and forth.

  Pro class winner was TJ Mendola with Nina McDonald in second. Dave stock in third and Scott Schrader in forth.

  Street class saw Joe DeLooze in first and Rich Garland in second and Austin Leckinger in third.

  This week we are doing King of the Track for Street class so bring your car on out and see if you can win.

  July 26th, 2014
  July 26, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro class winner this week was Joshua Stassen. Second place went to Neal Onderdonk. Third and forth went to Sam Capizzi Sr and George Smith Jr.

  Pro class winner was Little Sam DeMareo. Jim Link took second and third went to Dave Burnham. Forth place was David Deaton.

  Street class winner was Jacob Lippa. Second went to Todd Minerd and third went to Bob Lynchesky.

  Please remember that this last week was the last week to let Starr know if you were going to go bracket finial. Call her as soon as possible if you plan on going.

  July 12th, 2014
  July 12, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro class winner was George Smith and Mike Adams from Webster in forth.

  Pro class had Little Sam DeMareo from Marion took first place with Clark Gabriel from Macedon in second. Terry Duerr from Bloomfield took third and Jon kellham from Verona came in forth.

  Street Class had Jim Zaganialzyk from Shortsville took first with Matt Galiotti form Rochester in second and Bob Lynchesky from Hilton took third.

  We had one Jr. Dragster at the track. If you know of any one that has a Jr. Dragster please let them know that if they bring them we will run them.

  Have a good week off this week everyone and hope to see you on July 26th when racing resumes.

  July 5th, 2014
  July 5, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro class winner was Sam Capizzi Sr from Rochester. Second place went to Joshua Stassen from Hamlin.Joe Williams took third place and Westly Cayea from Williamson came in forth.

  Sam Capizzi Sr. also took first place in the Pro class. Dave Burnham from Lyons came in second and Paul Zardarlik from Clifton Springs took third.

  In the Street class, Kris Fletcher from Webster came in first. With Matt Galiotti in second and Bob Lynchesky coming in third.

  We had 2 Jr Dragsters show up this week. Mackenzie Cayea and Damien Forjone. They had a good time racing their cars down the track. If you know of any Jr Dragsters that would like to come please feel free to bring them as we will run them.

  We also had time for a gamblers race this week. Scott Schrader came in first and Jerry Bohrer came in second.

  We will not be running a drag racing program on July 19th due to many employees need to have that day off. Please make a note of this.

  June 28th, 2014
  June 28, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Starr Mullie

  Super Pro class winner was Chucky White, and in second place was Joe Williams. Third and forth place was Joshua Stassen and George Smith Jr.

  Mike DeMareo won the Pro class with Dave Stock coming in second place. Sam DeMareo II came in third and Paul Zadarlik took forth place.

  Street class went as follows Rich Garland took first with Todd Minard in second and Matt Galiotti came in third.

  We will not be running a drag racing program on July 19th due to many employees need to have that day off. Please make a note of this.

  June 21st, 2014
  June 21, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro class winner was Mike Adams from Webster, and in second place was Doug Burton from Shortsville.

  Mike DeMareo from Marion won the Pro class with his son Sam Demareo II also from Marion coming in second place. Paul Zardailik from Clifton Springs came in third and Terry Deurr from Bloomfield took forth place.

  Street class went as follows, Austin Leckinger from Ontario took first with Wayne Kofahl from Chili in second and Jacob Lippa from Scottsville came in third.

  We had time to run a gamblers race Saturday night and Clark Gabriel from Macedon won with Scott Schrader from Shortsville in second.

  We will not be running a drag racing program on July 19th due to many employees need to have that day off. Please make a note of this.

  June 14th, 2014
  June 14, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro winner was Neal Onderdonk from Shortsville. Frank Panaro of Rochester took 2nd with Chucky White from Ontario and Doug Burton from Shortsville finished 3rd and 4th.

  Pro class winner was Dave Stock from Weedsport. Little Sam DeMario from Marion took 2nd with Jim Link from Ontario in 3rd and Jimmy Bellnier in 4th place.

  Street winner was Todd Minard from Jamesville with Bob Lynchesky from Hilton in 2nd and Austin Leckinger from Ontario in 3rd.

  We had plenty of time to fit in a gamblers race with Ken Nogay in 1st and Dave Beaton in 2nd.

  We would like to invite all high school kids from the age of 14 to 18 to come out and try drag racing. This class is new and we have yet to have any one participate. All you need to do is come with a parent and sign in with a fee of $20. You must have parents consent to race. You can race your car as long as you drive it into the track. So come out and have some fun.

  June 7th, 2014
  June 7, 2014 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Super Pro winner for this week was Rich Vanderlinde from Lyons, NY. In second place was Joshua Stassen from Hamlin. Third and forth were Sam Capizzi Sr from Rochester and Frank Panaro from Rochester also.

  Pro class winner was Rich Liberi from Rochester. Paul Zardarlik Jr from Clifton Springs took second place with Dave Beaton from Farmington and Fred Oíneal from Ontario in third and forth.

  Street class only paid out three spots this week with Matt Galitti from Rochester taking first. Jacob Lippa from Scottsville in second and Todd Minard in third place.

  We once again had no one join the High School Street Trophy Class this week. The only requirement for that class is that you have to be 14-18 years old and in high school.

  This week is a regular points show. Lets try and get the car count up and come and have some fun.

  July 10th, 2013
  Race Schedule Changes by Starr Mullie

  Please be advised of a schedule change for the Spencer Speedway Summit ET Drag Racing Series. We will be racing on Friday July 19th our regular show and not racing on Saturday July 20th. Gates will open at 4pm with time trials starting at 5:30. This is to accommodate our racers and staff that would like to participate in the ESTA 10K show on July 20th and the ROC show in Oswego that weekend. Also there will be no Drag racing on July 27th so that we can allow the NASCAR points series to catch up on their points races due to the numerous rain outs that they have experienced. We will go back to regular schedule the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd.

  Thank you for your patience and participation over the last few weeks with our rain and track flooding issues. We appreciate it very much.

  See everyone at the track!

  April 30th, 2013
  Spencer Speedway Drag Racing Season Opener Notes by Starr Mullie

  Well the season is fast approaching and we have been diligently working on getting the facility ready for racing. We have some new staff joining the track official team to replace some of the staff not returning and to continue with the burn out area clean up and also continue in the organization of the staging lanes.

  In the continuance of organizing the staging lanes is the assistance of the racers in getting to the lanes when you are called up to the lanes promptly. Do not come to the lanes prior to your class being called as this will result in either you being returned to your pit area or taking a lap. I ask this as we are getting too much confusion in the lanes when we are planning different things and if a racer gets into the lanes when not supposed to be there it bottle necks everything and we are not always able to move out of the way. Please pay attention to the announcements as they will give you the information needed. We will be announcing the bye runs in between rounds, this is so the bye run racer doesnít get into the lanes and then we have to try to get that racer out into the appropriate staging area. Each class will be called 3 times as in the past, 5 minutes after 3rd call the lanes will be closed and the possibility of loss of chance to run....

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