August 18, 2017
  Finocchario Again In The Superstocks, Lewis Jr. Wins In The SUNOCO Mods by Gary Spaid

  It was make up night at Spencer last Friday. What started out on Friday, August 11, then rain delayed, was completed last Friday. Daryl Lewis Jr. picked up his 14th career Sunoco Modified feature win at Spencer. A.J. Montgomery won the Grandpa Dog Four Cylinder feature. In the Super Sixes, Ashley Schoonmaker took her first win on the year. And finally in the NY SuperStocks, Chris Finocchario kept his “divisional sweep” at the track alive, winning his 4th straight feature, in four starts, on the year.

  The 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature saw outside pole sitter Timmy Catalano, grab the early lead with Andy Lewis hot on his heels. These two were able to draw away from the pack when the yellow flew on lap seven. Bobby Lippa Jr. spun exiting the fourth turn, to bring out that yellow.

  The restart saw Lewis take the advantage over Catalano. Three laps later, Daryl Lewis Jr. entered the picture grabbing second from Catalano. Tim then faded to fifth as Kevin Timmerman and his brother Tommy Catalano all made their way into the top five.

  The yellow flew a second time when Amy Catalano looped into the infield grass exiting the second turn. The restart saw Andy Lewis give up the inside lane to Daryl Lewis Jr. This allowed Daryl to take the lead as the field went green flag racing again.

  Tommy Catalano was able to work his way by Andy Lewis for second and then take off after Daryl Lewis. Tommy stayed glued to Daryl’s rear bumper but could not make the pass for the win.

  At the checkers it was Daryl Lewis Jr. and Tommy Catalano out front, followed by Timmerman, Eddie Hawkins and Andy Lewis.

  “When the green drops you just have to go,” stated Lewis in victory lane. “We did that a couple of weeks back and didn’t fare well. We’ll take this one.”

  The 25-lap NY SuperStock race saw Lee Sharpsteen take the early lead followed by Zach Willis, Nate Peckham, Dylan Bancroft and Steve Pesarek. Mired back in the field was multi-time feature winner Finocchario.

  Through a number of yellow flags, Finocchario worked his way up to fifth by lap 14. A long green flag run followed. During these laps Finocchario worked his way up to second. But for all practicality it looked like Sharpsteen had the field covered.

  Then with just three laps to go the final yellow flag waved, when Chris Vogler and Brianna Dinzler came together in turn three.

  The restart saw Sharpsteen regain the lead, but a hard charging Finocchario shot down the inside line entering turn three, was able to maintain control and completed his pass for the lead. At the checkers it was Finocchario followed by Sharpsteen, Josh Schoonmaker, Willis and Bancroft.

  “I have to thank my son, who was with me in Myrtle Beach,” commented Finocchario. “We drove home from there yesterday, getting home this morning at 6 am. The crew had the car ready for me tonight.”

  The 15-lap Grandpa Dog Four Cylinder feature saw Corey Copeland take the early lead. On lap four A.J. Montgomery ducked to the inside exiting the second turn and rode side-by-side with Copeland until the pair came past the start finish line with Montgomery ahead by inches.

  Montgomery then proceeded to pull away to a full half-straightaway advantage. Travis Montgomery was able to take second, but could not catch his brother. Copeland held on to third at the checkers. Paul Flye finished fourth followed by Dalton Alexander to round out the top five.

  “My family has been working their butts off to make this car a winner. It’s good we finally made it,” stated Montgomery.

  The Super Sixes were again able to run green-to-checkers. Alison Knoepfler was the early leader only to see Ashley Schoonmaker take the lead on lap five.

  On lap 11, Brandon Allen was able to pass Schoonmaker for the lead. Allen’s car looked strong. Then with just five laps remaining a shower of sparks could be seen underneath the Allen ride. For safety reasons Allen had to be black flagged handing Schoonmaker the lead and the win. Barrett Schenk, Andy Cocilova, Brian Hallett and Van Grant rounded out the top five.

  “This is amazing!” commented Ashley. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, this year,” added 19 year old Schoonmaker.

  SPENCER NOTES: A 30-minute “Meet and Greet” took place on the front stretch following makeup heat races from August 11….The long delayed Kids’ Bicycle Races finally were run. Henry Lewis, Ontario, won the 3 to 4 year old category, Austin Leaty, Williamson, picked up the win in the 5-6 year old class, Braydon Blair won the 7-8 year old division, Josh Warner, Ontario, won the 9-11 year old age category, and Brandon Ladue, Ontario, won the 12-13 year old class….Plans for the 63rd Spencer Awards Banquet were announced. This year a combined banquet with the New York SuperStocks has been schedule for Friday, November 3, at the Palmyra VFW Post. Tickets can be obtained from Bobby Lippa Jr. or by contacting the speedway office….Only two weeks of racing remain in the 2017 NASCAR season at Spencer Speedway.

  On Friday, August 25, Spencer Speedway will be hosting the annual Dave London Memorial for SuperStocks. With over 55 pre-entries for the extra dollar 50-lap feature an exciting night of full fender racing will be at hand. Joining the SuperStocks next week, will be an “Open” Four Cylinder event, complete with heat races and a 20-lap feature. Race time starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2017. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted as part of the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Point Chase.

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A.J. Montgomery, T. Montgomery, J. Gustafson, R. Brown, D. Heimes.
HEAT 2: C. Copeland, P. Flye, D. Alexander, A. Montgomery.
FEATURE (15-laps): A.J. MONTGOMERY, Travis Montgomery, Corey Copeland, Paul Flye, Dalton Alexander, Jacob Gustafson, Ryan Brown, Dave Heimes, Allie Montgomery.

FEATURE (20-laps):
ASHLEY SCHOONMAKER, Barrett Schenk, Andy Cocilova, Brian Hallett, Van Grant, Tim Faro, Alison Knoepfler, Bill Inch, Chris Connors, Brandon Allen.

FEATURE (25-laps):
CHRIS FINOCCHARIO, Lee Sharpsteen, Josh Schoonmaker, Zach Willis, Dylan Bancroft, Nathan Peckham, Mike Hyman, Steve Pesarek, Terry Cheetham, Shaun Frarey, Billy Coyle, Jason Dinzler, Chris Vogler, Dale Lazzaro, Scott Dinzler, Kenny Atkins, Todd Blair, Joel Gleason, Brianna Dinzler, Ike Stone, Kelly Miller, Brandon Larner, Kevin Ide, Joe Miller.

To. Catalano, E. Hawkins, Ti. Catalano, N. Morich, Tim Nies.
FEATURE (35-laps): DARYL LEWIS JR., Tommy Catalano, Kevin Timmerman, Eddie Hawkins, Andy Lewis, Tim Catalano, Mike Leaty, Jimmy Zacharias, Connor Sellars, Chris Finocchario, Amy Catalano, Zack Knowlden, Nick Morich, Kreig Heroth, Tim Nies, Bobby Lippa Jr., Chris Clemens, Geoff Sharkey.


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