September 4th, 2015
Hallett Doubles Up, Leaty, Schoonmaker And Tim Catalano Crowned 2015 Champions by Gary Spaid

  The final night of NASCAR racing at Spencer Speedway in 2015 is now in the record books. Brian Hallett won both Super Six features run. He was slowed by just yellow flag in the first 20-lapper and cruised home in a green-to-checkers finish in the second 20-lapper.

  “This car is just on rails,” stated Hallett following the first feature. After the second feature he added,” We didn’t do a thing to this car. It was still like on a rail.”

  Josh Schoonmaker was crowned the champion for the Super Sixes.

  In the NASCAR Sunoco Modifieds, Tommy Catalano came home with his second straight 35-lap feature. He was followed across the line, by Mike Leaty, to take the 2015 title.

  “I have to thank all of the fans for coming out each week and letting us do what we like to do the most,” stated Leaty. “This is the first championship for my owner Jeff DeMinck. I’m really happy for him.”

  The Four-Cylinder Auto Value Scorpions saw Timmy Catalano take the lead on the final lap and pick up his tenth feature win in 12 starts this season and the track championship.

  “We had a lot of things go right for us here this year,” he stated.

  The final feature of the night saw the New York Super Stocks run a 30-lapper. Tim Gullo, from Elmira picked up the win and the series title with one race remaining at Chemung. Gullo crossed the start-finish line in second with the white flag flying. A flat left rear tire on leader Frisbee’s car made the pass for the lead somewhat easy.

  “These are a great bunch of guys to race with and do something different,” stated Gullo.

  The 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified finale saw Tim Lewis Jr. blast into the lead on the opening lap. His lead was short lived as Matt Lees ducked under Lewis in turn four. Lees then proceeded to build a lead over the field.

  On lap 10 the yellow flew for Bobby Lippa Jr., who had gone off the track in turn four. Two laps later Lippa would again bring out the yellow, this time spinning in the third turn.

  Andy Lewis was able to pass Lees for the lead on the restart and was trying to hold off Mike Leaty when the two touched in the third turn, resulting in Lewis spinning out in front of the entire field. This resulted in both cars restarting at the back of the field.

  Kevin Timmerman took the opportunity and led the race, with Lees in second. On the move was Tommy Catalano, who passed Lees for second on lap 18. Catalano then took off after Timmerman. But before he could catch the leader the yellow flew for a third time. Andy Lewis spun off the first turn onto the outside grass.

  Timmerman held off Catalano for two circuits before losing the lead to the youngster. Charging through the field was Leaty, who apparently had given up any hope of winning the Spencer title and then driving some 45 minutes to run the RoC race at Oswego, where his car was set to start on the outside pole.

  Leaty made every effort to get by Catalano for the lead but just fell short at the checkers. Catalano took his second straight win at Spencer followed by Leaty, Timmerman, Daryl Lewis Jr. and Amy Catalano.

  “That race was certainly nerve racking,” stated Catalano. “We had to keep pushing hard the whole race. The outside groove off of turn two was super good and was the big difference tonight.”

  The New York Super Stock feature saw Chris Vogler in a battle with Bill Frisbee Jr. for the lead at the drop of the green. Vogler was only able to hold him off for one lap, before Frisbee took command of the lead.

  With Tim Gullo in third, the top three then began the process of pulling away from the rest of the field. A yellow flag on lap 11 changed that plan. The yellow was for the number 3 of Charlie Coonrod, who hit something and changed the toe out on his car causing him to slow on the track.

  The restart saw the top three begin the same act of pulling away, but with Vogler in the lead. Suddenly on lap 14, Vogler drifted high in the fourth turn and falling back to fourth leaving Frisbee the leader again, with Gullo a tight second.

  With a couple of laps remaining Gullo contacted the rear of the Frisbee car. This contact must have caused a slow leak in Frisbee’s left rear tire, which would go completely flat entering turn one on the final lap.

  Gullo took advantage of the flat and sailed home the winner. Frisbee fought his ill handling machine to bring it home in second followed by Jim Steffenhagen Jr., Vogler, and Gary Noe.

  Gullo, who had locked up the NYS Super Stock championship, stated ”I guess rubbing is racing too,” referring to the contact with Frisbee.

  The Auto Value Four Cylinder Scorpions feature seemed to get off to a good start with Tom Alloco out front. The yellow flag flew on lap four when Carrie Bolton made contact and spun exiting the fourth turn.

  Mike Hyman had assumed the lead of the race on the restart with a battle for second developing behind him. On lap six, Austin Montgomery made heavy contact with the fourth turn wall, resulting in a five car melee in the fourth turn. Collected in the accident were Alloco, Bolton, Carrie Schoonmaker and Shaun Frarey. Also getting hit was Travis Montgomery who pulled into the pits and out of the race with a bent wheel.

  Hyman looked to have the field covered except for Timmy Catalano who was quickly catching Hyman. With one lap remaining, Catalano used the power in his four cylinder motor to pass Hyman and take the win. Hyman finished a close second followed by Donnie Knapp Jr., Beth Dennie and Paul Flye.

  The Super Sixes ran two 20-lap features. In the first one Bill Mitchell was the early leader. Moving quickly was Brian Hallett. On lap five the radiator hose on the number 14 of Bill Inch came undone resulting a geyser of steam and a yellow flag.

  The restart saw Brian Hallett take the lead and pull away from the pack. Josh Schoonmaker came home in second to help pad his points lead. Tim Faro, Van Grant and Barrett Schenk rounded out the top five finishers.

  The second feature saw Bill Malin take the lead at the drop of the green. Brandon Allen caught and passed Malin on lap six. Allen brought along Hallett, who moved into second and began to hound Allen for the lead. Hallett completed his pass on for the top spot on lap eight and never looked back.

  Allen held on for second followed by Schoonmaker, who earned enough points to remain ahead of Barrett Schenk. Schenk and Tim Faro rounded out the top five finishers.

  This was the final Friday night of NASCAR racing this season at Spencer. Plans have been made for the Spencer Speedway annual awards banquet. It will take place on November 21, 2015 at the Palmyra V.F.W. Tickets are $30 each and can be obtained by contacting Lee DeRidder at the speedway

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASC AR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2015. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASC AR Whelen All-American Points.

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HEAT 1: M. Hyman, T. Montgomery, S. Frarey, A. Montgomery, C. Bolton.
HEAT 2: Ti. Catalano, B. Dennie, T. Alloco, P. Flye, D. Knapp Jr.
FEATURE (15-laps): TIMMY CATALNO, Mike Hyman, Donnie Knapp Jr., Beth Dennie, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton, Carrie Schoonmaker, Jennifer Dennie, Travis Montgomery, Tom Alloco, Austin Montgomery, Shaun Frarey.

HEAT 1: B. Malin, R. Wilson, B. Schenk, T. Faro, B. Allen.
HEAT 2: B. Hallett, V. Grant, J. Schoonmaker, B. Mitchell, C. Connors
FEATURE #1 (20-laps): BRIAN HALLETT, Josh Schoonmaker, Tim Faro, Van Grant, Barrett Schenk, Brandon Allen, Rick Wilson, Ashley Schoonmaker, Bill Mitchell, Bill Malin, Andy Cocilova, Adam VanHall, Bill Inch, Chad Brockman.
FEATURE #2 (20-laps): BRIAN HALLETT, Brandon Allen, Josh Schoonmaker, Barrett Schenk, Tim Faro, Van Grant, Rick Wilson, Ashley Schoonmaker, Bill Mitchell, Chris Connor, Bill Malin, Adam VanHall, DNS: Andy Cocilova

HEAT 1: B. Frisbee Jr., C. Vogler, M. Wright, J. Dinzler, D. Lazzaro.
HEAT 2: G. Noe, T. Gullo, W. Strusz, J. Steffenhagen Jr., S. Malin.
FEATURE (30-laps): TIM GULLO, Bill Frisbee Jr., Jim Steffenhagen Jr., Chris Vogler, Gary Noe, Steve Malin, Willie Strusz, Jason Dinzler, Dale Lazzaro, Shaun Frarey, Mark Ramsey, Mitchell Wright, Charles Coonrod

HEAT 1: A. Lewis, M. Leaty, M. Lees, K. Timmerman, T. Lewis Jr.
HEAT 2: A. Catalano, T. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., B. Lippa Jr., E. Hawkins.
FEATURE (35-laps): TOM CATALANO, Mike Leaty, Kevin Timmerman, Daryl Lewis Jr., Amy Catalano, Andy Lewis, Matt Lees, Mike Ramos, Eddie Hawkins, Bobby Lippa Jr., Tim Lewis Jr., Alan Bookmiller.

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