July 24th, 2015
Timmy Catalano Stays Perfect, Darren Scherer Wins RoC Race by Gary Spaid

  It was a full night of racing last Friday at Spencer Speedway as the traveling Race of Champions modifieds were on hand for a 75-lap RoC Qualifier. Darren Scherer, who finished second in the third heat, redrew the pole and led all 75 laps to take the RoC victory. Chuck Hossfeld finished a close second followed by Bobby Holmes, Austin Kochinash and Patrick Emerling to round out the top five.

  “We really like Spencer Speedway and we needed a run like this tonight,” stated Scherer in victory lane. “I knew they were back of me,” referring to Chuck Hossfeld and Patrick Emerling. “It’s always good to race with both of them.”

  Hossfeld had a different picture of the finish, “His (Scherer’s) car got awfully wide on that last lap. We are good friends, but I thought that was pretty poor racing on his part.”

  In other racing action Brian Hallett won the Super Six 20-lap main event and Timmy Catalano is now six-for-six, taking the Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpion 15-lap feature win.

  Catalano stated his success has come from just being patient. As for Hallett he related his car was extremely loose at the start of the main event, having to pay extra attention when he was in the turns.

  The RoC feature saw Scherer and George Skora II lead the field of 22 cars to John Nelson’s green flag. Scherer led the first lap and the yellow flew for a multi-car accident between the third and fourth turns. Eliminated in that accident were the two local favorites, Amy Catalano and Mike Leaty.

  Scherer continued his led with Ross Holmes in second. The yellow flew a second time on lap three when T.J. Potrzebowski looped around in the third turn. Following a quick pit stop and he returned to the back of the field.

  Yellow fever was not complete yet as on lap five the yellow flew a third time for a spin out by local Sunoco Modified star Tommy Catalano.
The green flew and remained out for the next 26 laps as Scherer led Holmes, Patrick Emerling, Daryl Lewis Jr. and Andy Jankowiak.

  On lap 31, Tommy Catalano lost the handle a second time exiting the fourth turn, spinning down the front stretch. Emerling had just moved into second and began pressuring Scherer for the lead. The restart saw a multi-car accident take place in the fourth turn as cars slammed into the foam barrier. Involved in the accident was Jankowiak, ending his race for the evening.
Moving through the field was Chuck Hossfeld. By lap 60, he was in sixth and moving quickly. One lap latter he took fourth. But before he could continue his charge the yellow flew on lap 64 when Matt Hirschman slid high off the speedway.

  Turn two was now the site of the action, with two more yellows, lap 67 and 68 for multi-car spinouts. Up front it was now Scherer followed by Emerling, Hossfeld and Lewis Jr.

  The final restart SAW Hossfeld try and slingshot the leaders with a low move exiting the second turn. He was able to take second, as Emerling slid high and fell back to fifth.

  As the laps progressed it became obvious that Hossfeld was waiting for a last lap pass. The question was when he would try. That effort came on the last turn of the last lap. His efforts fell short as Scherer drifted high taking two lanes. It would be Scherer at the line with his second Spencer career win. He also won the RoC race here in 2012.

  The Super Six feature saw pole-sitter Andy Cocilova grab the led only to lose it to Adam VanHall on lap three. VanHall would lead the next seven circuits before the yellow flew when Bill Mitchell coasted to a stop on the front straight. The restart saw Barrett Schenk pass VanHall and take the lead. On the move was Brian Hallett. He moved into second and began to challenge Schenk for the lead.

  The yellow flew for a final time on lap 14 for a spin out by Bill Mullin in the fourth turn. Once the green flew the Schenk-Hallett battle resumed. Hallett finally took the lead on lap 16.
At the checkers it was Hallett followed by Schenk, Tim Faro, Josh Schoonmaker and Ashley Schoonmaker.

  “My car was really loose and I had to be real careful in the turns,” related Hallett in victory lane. “But the car handled better on the outside.”

  The Auto Value Scorpion feature saw Jennifer Dennie grab the early lead as a number of yellows flew in the early stages of the race. Involved in the second yellow was second place runner Travis Montgomery. This moved Tom Alloco into second. The up front, side-by-side restart saw Alloco take the lead for just one lap, before Dennie returned to the front position.

  On lap seven the yellow flew when Jennifer’s sister, Beth, spun exiting the second turn. This yellow proved all Timmy Catalano needed to move into the lead and take the win. Donnie Knapp Jr., who made a late race charge at the lead, finished second followed by Shaun Frarey, Alloco and Mike Hyman. Jennifer Dennis fell back to seventh at the finish.

  “I was having some trouble with the restarts tonight,” said Catalano. “The key to victory here seems to just remain patient.”

  NASCAR Racing returns to Spencer on Friday, July 31 with the return of the New York Super Stocks. Also racing will be the Sunoco Modifieds, the Super Sixes and Auto Value Scorpions. Race time starts at 7:30 p.m. The second “Meet and Greet” the racers will take place at intermission. Fans are invited on the track to talk to the drivers and see the race cars up close.
Coming on August 7, will be the 61st track anniversary featuring “Fireworks” by Galaxy Concessions, 61st Anniversary and Richie Evans Night, Sunoco Modifieds 61 lap double points, complete with Super Sixes and Scorpion 4-cylinder cars.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2015. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

  For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.


HEAT 1: M. Hyman, T. Montgomery, S. Frarey, T. Alloco, P. Flye.
HEAT 2: Ti. Catalano, B. Dennie, D. Knapp Jr., A. Montgomery, J. Dennie.
FEATURE (15-laps): TIMMY CATALANO, Donnie Knapp Jr., Shaun Frarey, Tom Alloco, Mike Hyman, Travis Montgomery, Jennifer Dennie, Austin Montgomery, Carrie Bolton, Beth Dennie, Carrie Schoonmaker, Paul Flye.

HEAT 1: T. Faro, A. VanHall, B. Mitchell, V. Grant, A. Cocilova.
HEAT 2: A. Schoonmaker, J. Schoonmaker, B. Allen, B. Schenk, B. Mullin.
FEATURE (20-laps): BRIAN HALLETT, Barrett Schenk, Tim Faro, Josh Schoonmaker, Ashley Schoonmaker, Adam VanHall, Brandon Allen, Van Grant, Bill Inch, Ryan Hillegeer, Andy Cocilova, Rick Wilson, Bill Mullin, Bill Mitchell.

HEAT 1: C. Hossfeld, G. Skora III, P. Emerling, A. Jankowiak, M. Leaty.
HEAT 2: M. Hirschman, R. Holmes, D. Lewis Jr., C. Finocchario, A. Kochinash.
HEAT 3: R. Coss, D. Scherer, T. Hanbury, B. Sherwood, A. Catalano.
FEATURE (75-laps): DARREN SCHERER, Chuck Hossfeld, Bobby Holmes, Austin Kochinash, Patrick Emerling, Tony Hanbury, T.J. Potrzebowski, Matt Hirschman, Daryl Lewis Jr., Roger Coss, Nick Pecko, Bryan Sherwood, Tommy Catalano, Kirk Totten, George Skora III, Karl Hehr, Andy Jankowiak, Chris Finocchario, Mike Leaty, Amy Catalano, DNS: Tyler Rypkema.

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