June19th, 2015
Catalano Tops Mod Squad And Scorpions by Gary M. Spaid

  ”Tom Catalano picked up his first NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature win off the 2015 at Spencer Speedway last Friday, while younger brother Timmy Catalano earned the top spot in the 15-lap Auto Value 4-Cylinder scorpion feature. For Tommy it was his third career win at the fast half mile oval. For his brother Tim, it was his also his third career win at the speedway, having won last year and the opener this year.

  “I didn’t want to see that late caution flag,” noted Tommy Catalano after winning the 35-lap main event. “It was déjà vu of Holland a couple of weeks ago. That did not end up well for me.”

  Other winners on the night included Josh Schoonmaker in the Super Sixes and Chris Vogler in the New York Super Stocks.

  The start of the 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature saw Bobby Lippa Jr. dive into the lead from the pole. A battle for second developed quickly between Tommy Catalano and Andy Lewis. On lap nine, Catalano was able to grab the runner up position. Three laps later he dove low down the backstretch and shot into the lead entering turn three.

  Lippa, seem to have a problem and he fell back from first to eighth in just one lap. On lap 15 the yellow flew when Lippa spun in the third turn as he tried to get a handle on his ill handling car.

  The restart saw Catalano hold off Mike Leaty for the lead. These two pulled out to a slight advantage over Daryl Lewis Jr., Kevin Timmerman and Andy Lewis. Timmerman was now on the move. Following a multi-lap side-by-side battle with Lewis Jr , he moved into third and shot out after the two lead cars.

  The yellow flew one last time on lap 32, when Lippa again lost the handle and looped around in the first turn. This set up a three car mad dash to the checkers. At the line Catalano took the win followed by Leaty, Timmerman, Daryl Lewis Jr and Amy Catalano rounded out the top five.

  The New York Super Stocks were making their second appearance of the year at Spencer Speedway. The start of the 25-lap feature saw Willie Strusz take the lead over Jody Buckley. Th beginning of the race would see multi yellow flags. Lap two saw a tangle between Steve Malin and Terry Cheetham. Three laps later a spin by Mark Ramsey slowed the pace.

  The red flag had to fly on lap eight when Malin and Cheetham again came together on the back stretch and made contact with the wall.

  The restart saw Chris Vogler move into the lead. The car now moving up was Nate Peckham, who was running a strong fourth when his motor let go on lap 16 to bring out another yellow.

  A battle developed between Strusz and Tim Gullo for second. Gullo completed the pass and took off after Vogler in the closing laps. His efforts fell just three quarter lengths short at the checkers as Vogler took the win. Strusz finished third followed by Buckley and Zach Willis a distant fifth.

 Vogler seemed to be the really excited after winning the 25-lap New York Super Stock main event in victory lane. “I knew he was right on me,” Vogler stated. “I knew he would be tough to beat.”

  The Super Six 20-lap feature saw Bill Malin take the early lead. A yellow on lap four fell when Bill Mitchell spun in the third turn and was unable to re-fire his car. This bunched the field for the restart. Adam VanHall was able to move into second and as the field entered the third turn on lap five, he caught the back of Malin’s car sending the leader spinning in front of the field. Brian Hallett was caught up in the melee, damaging his front tire. He reported pit side to make repairs, returning to the race three laps down. This left Van Grant as the leader.

  The restart saw Grant try to hold off a Ashley Schoonmaker and her father Josh running third. On lap nine Ashley seemed lose control, getting into the infield grass and slid almost the entire length of the back stretch in the grass. She quickly recovered and fell in last on the field. Up front her father slipped under Grant to take the lead. He was followed through the hole he created by former track champion Tim Faro.

  Josh Schoonmaker and Faro battled for the lead the remainder of the race. Schoonmaker took the win followed by Faro, Brandon Allen, Barrett Schenk and Grant to round out the top five.

  “I knew he was right there behind me,” stated Schoonmaker. “He was definitely there that was for sure.”

  The Auto Value Four Cylinder Scorpions15-lap feature saw Tom Alloco grab the lead and stretch out a ten car advantage over the field. Charging from 10th, was young Timmy Catalano, who seemed to have the car to beat.

  Catalano was able to take second on lap nine, just before the sole yellow flag came out. On lap 10, Carrie Schoonmaker exited the fourth turn when a belch of flames erupted from under the motor compartment of her car.

  The restart saw Catalano quickly take the lead and hold on to the checkers. Donnie Knap Jr. came home is second followed by Shaun Frarey, Travis Montgomery and Alloco.

  “That was a real testy track out there tonight,” commented Catalano. “My car seemed to handle all over the track. It liked to be where it wants to be.”

  The Mid-State Vintage cars return to Spencer for their first time this year on, June 26. Featured for the night will be a double point Sunoco Modified main event, plus regular point races for both the Super Sixes and the Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpions. Race time starts a half hour earlier than normal, at 7:30 p.m.

  Please note there will be no NASCAR Racing at Spencer on Friday, July 3.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2014. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

  For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.



HEAT 1: D. Knapp Jr., S. Frarey, T. Alloco, T. Montgomery, B. Dennie.
HEAT 2: Ti. Catalano, C. Bolton, M. Hyman, A. Montgomery, J. Dennie.
FEATURE (15-laps): TIMMY CATALANO, Donnie Knapp Jr., Shaun Frarey, Travis Montgomery, Tom Alloco, Austin Montgomery, Beth Dennie, Mike Hyman, Carrie Bolton, Jennifer Dennie, Ryan Brown, Carrie Schoonmaker.

HEAT 1: B. Hallett, J. Schoonmaker, B. Malin, B. Allen, T. Faro.
HEAT 2: V. Grant, A. VanHall, B. Schenk, A. Schoonmaker, B. Inch.
FEATURE (20-laps): JOSH SCHOONMAKER, Tim Faro, Brandon Allen, Barrett Schenk, Bill Inch, Van Grant, Adam VanHall, Ashley Schoonmaker, Andy Cocilova, Bill Mitchell, Bill Malin, Chad Brockman, Peter Cowell, Brian Hallett, DNS: Rick Wilson.

HEAT 1: J. Buckley, J. Drinzler, C. Coorod, T. Cheetham, S. Frarey.
HEAT 2: C. Vogler, W. Strusz, N. Peckham, T. Gullo, J. Miller.
FEATURE (25-laps): CHRIS VOGLER, Tim Gullo, Willie Strusz, Jody Buckley, Zach Willis, Shaun Frarey, Brandon Larner, Dale Lazzaro, Nathan Peckham, Mitchell Wright, Joe Miller, Jason Drinzler, Terry Cheetham, Steve Malin, Mark Ramsey, DNS: Charles Coonrod

HEAT 1: A. Lewis, D. Lewis Jr., B. Lippa Jr., M. Leaty, A. Catalano.
HEAT 2: K. Timmerman, M. Lees, T. Catalano, M. Ramos.
FEATURE (35-laps): TOMMY CATALANO, Mike Leaty, Kevin Timmerman, Daryl Lewis Jr., Amy Catalano, Andy Lewis, Matt Lees, Mike Ramos, Bobby Lippa Jr.

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