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  September 6th, 2013
Mike Leaty Wins Fall Open 75; Markham, Barber, Willis and Hallett Also Collect Checkers
  by Steven Petty

  Mike Leaty from Williamson, NY was victorious in the Fall Open 75 for the Sunoco Modifieds at the Spencer Speedway on Friday evening. Tommy Markham from Constableville, NY was awarded the victory for the Super Stocks in their 50 lap invitational sponsored by C&D Automotive. Third generation driver Camden Barber from Bliss, NY was victorious in the Gail Barber Memorial for the New York/Pennsylvania Midget Association (NYPAMA) TQ Midgets. Zach Willis and Brian Hallett took home the win in the Auto Value 4 Cylinder Scorpions and in the Super Sixes respectively.

  Bobby Lippa Jr and Daryl Lewis Jr led the Sunoco Modifieds to the green flag for the Fall Open 75 and it was Lewis showing the way. Mike Leaty moved into third on lap one as Kevin Timmerman and Andy Lewis raced in the top five on the opening circuit. Early on, Lewis continued to show the way over Leaty, Timmerman, Andy Lewis and Tommy Catalano in fifth by lap 10. Leaty went underneath Lewis on lap ten for the race lead but lap traffic forced Leaty to stay behind race leader Lewis.

  As the field hit lap traffic, the field was stretched all around the Spencer half-mile oval. Eddie Hawkins brought out the races first caution on lap 60. The restart saw Lewis and Leaty bring the field back to the green and it was Lewis keeping the lead over Leaty, as Tommy Catalano raced his way passed Timmerman for third but Catalano looped his racer in turn four to slow the field down for the second time. On the lap 62 restart, Leaty was able to take over the lead with Lewis, Amy Catalano, Timex Morgan and Andy Lewis racing in the top five. Andy Lewis and Tommy Catalano came together on lap 64 in turn two to bring out the caution. On the restart Leaty continued to show the way as Amy Catalano got around Daryl Lewis to move into second on lap 68. Leaty was able to hold off Amy Catalano to grab the win. “We were terrible in the heat but my guys made the right decision and put ol’ reliable back in the car and we made it back to here” stated Leaty in Victory lane.

  Bob “Rip” Ripley and Nate Peckham led the field of Super Stocks to the green flag for the C&D Automotive Invitational event with Ripley leading the opening circuit. Ripley continued to show the way as Billy Gleason, Jay Mudra, Mike Ramos and Tommy Markham raced in the top five. Gleason went to the outside of Ripley and Gleason took command on lap nine. Jay Mudra moved into second on lap 13 as Mike Ramos and Tommy Markham followed suit right behind Mudra, a former Street Stock Champion at the speedway. Off an early restart, Mudra began to put pressure on Gleason but Gleason continued to show the way. At the races halfway point, Gleason continued to show the way over Mudra, Ramos, Ripley and Markham. After a lap 29 restart, Mudra took over the race lead going into turn one. With Mudra out front, Ramos got on by Gleason and started his trek for the lead. Ramos was able to get around Mudra with a handful of laps remaining and pulled away to what would appear to be the victory but Ramos failed post race tech, handing the win to Tommy Markham.

  Shawn Frarey and Zach Willis led the 4 Cylinders to green with Frarey showing the way. Frarey continued to show the way all the way to lap 13 as Zach Willis took command on the white flag lap. Willis went around Frarey going into turn three and led the final circuit to grab the victory in their final appearance for the season.

  Andy Nye and Chris Barber led the Western New York-based NYPAMA TQ Midgets Series to the green flag for the Gail Barber Memorial and it was Nye showing the way early on. Kyle Hutchinson raced his way passed Barber for second and began his chase of Andy Nye for the lead. Hutchinson was able to take over the race lead on lap five. Third generation driver Cam Barber moved into the top five after passing Jonathan Reid for the fifth spot and then moved into third on lap seven. Brandon Zavarbella came to a stop in turn one to bring out a caution. Hutchinson and Cam Barber on the front row and at the halfway point, Barber took over the lead. Barber held off Hutchinson, Andy Nye, Nick Groff and Jonathan Reid to pick up the win in the race that is in tribute to his grandfather Gail.

  2013 Champion Tim Faro and Brian Hallett paced the Super Sixes to the green flag for their 20 lap feature and it was Hallett showing the way. Hallett paced Van Grant and Brandon Allen for the entire 20 lap feature distance and picked up the feature event. “I ran the race last week on five cylinders and am glad to be back here to close out the season” stated Hallett in victory lane.

  The drivers of the 4 Cylinder Scorpions passed the helmet during intermission for Chad Graves, a competitor who is in need of a kidney transplant and collected $1,021. All the monies collected went towards Chad’s medical expenses.

  The Spencer Speedway will officially close the book on the 2013 season with the annual Awards Banquet, set for Friday November 1st at the Palmyra VFW on Route 31. For ticket information please call the speedway office at 315-589-3018 or DeRidders Garage at 315-926-5756

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2013. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

OFFICIAL FINISH – Fall Open Night Race Results 9-6-13

Sunoco Modifieds:
MIKE LEATY, Amy Catalano, Daryl Lewis Jr, Kevin Timmerman, Andy Lewis, Timex Morgan, Tommy Catalano, Bobby Lippa Jr, Eddie Hawkins, Jake Boerman, Jerry Boerman, Mike Ide, Tim Lewis Jr and Tom Wiest Did Not Start: Chris Risdale
Heat 1 – M. Leaty, T. Catalano, C. Risdale, T. Lewis Jr, T. Wiest
Heat 2 – K. Timmerman, B. Lippa Jr, A. Lewis, E. Hawkins, Je Boerman
Heat 3 – A Catalano, D. Lewis Jr, T. Morgan, J. Boerman, and M. Ide

Super Stocks: TOMMY MARKHAM, Willie Strusz, Jay Mudra, Billy Gleason, Bob Ripley, Gary Noe, Terry Cheetham, Tom Fecteau, Brandon Larner, Pete Pieczynski, Chris Vogler, Kelly Miller, Nate Peckham DQ: Mike Ramos Did Not Start: Mitchell Wright
Heat 1 – G. Noe, N. Peckham, B. Ripley, T. Cheetham, B. Larner
Heat 2 – T. Markham, B. Gleason, T. Fecteau, P, Pieczynski, M. Wright
Heat 3 – J. Mudra, W. Strusz, M. Ramos, K. Miller, C. Vogler

4 Cylinder Scorpions: ZACH WILLIS, Shawn Frarey, Austin Montgomery, Travis Montgomery, Beth Dennie, Jennifer Dennie, Alison Knoephler, Josh Schoonmaker, Ashley Schoonmaker, and Gary Bolton
Heat 1 – S. Frarey, T. Montgomery, B. Dennie, J. Dennie, J. Schoonmaker, and A. Schoonmaker
Heat 2 – Z. Willis, A. Montgomery, A. Knoephler, G. Bolton, and T. Pratt

NYPAMA TQ Midgets: CAMDEN BARBER, Kyle Hutchinson, Nick Groff, Jonathan Reid, Andy Nye, Jim Fleischman, Chris Barber, Chad Heywood, Nelson Rung, Scott Gleed, Charlie DiRosa, Gordie Steffan, Pat Smith, Sean McNamara, Brandon Zavarbella, Cody Mollnow, Kylie McElver
Heat 1 – C. Barber, B. Zavarbella, J. Fleischman, Chris Barber, N. Rung, C. Heywood, S. Gleed and G. Steffan
Heat 2 – K. Hutchinson, A. Nye, J. Reid, N. Groff, C. DiRosa, S. McNamara, P. Smith, C. Mollnow, and K. McElver

Super Sixes: BRIAN HALLETT, Van Grant, Brandon Allen, Keith Butler Jr, Tim Faro, Adam Van Hall, Andy Cocilova, Barrett Schenk, Ryan Hillegeer, and Bill Lnch
Heat 1 – T. Faro, V. Grant, B. Allen, A. Van Hall and B. Lnch
Heat 2 – B. Hallett, A. Cocilova, K. Butler Jr, R. Hillegeer, B. Schenk

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