Rusty Smith - Sunoco Modifieds
Mitchell Wright - Super Stocks
Tim Faro - Super Six
Zack Willis - Auto Value 4 Cylinders
Brad Salatino - INEX Legends

September 6, 2013
75 Lap SUNOCO Modifieds,
50 Lap Super Stocks,
NYPA Midgets Racing Series,
Super Six (20), Auto Value 4 Cylinde
rs (15)


  August 30th, 2013
Smith Captures His Second Straight Spencer Championship by Gary M. Spaid

  Race Officials saw the rain coming and speed up their program last Friday. They were able to complete the entire program just as the rains began to fall. Not only were race winners recognized, but the 2013 track champions were also crowned (unofficially, as points have to be reviewed by NASCAR).

  The 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature saw Ron Smith take the lead from his pole starting position. He was able to hold Timex Morgan at bay, as his brother, Rusty Smith, started to work his way through traffic towards the front. On lap ten, Rusty passed Morgan and took off after his brother. On lap 13, Rusty used an outside pass exiting the fourth turn to take the lead.

  On Smith’s tail the entire time he was moving through the pack, was points rival Kevin Timmerman. Timmerman was out to retake the championship he lost to Smith last year. Timmerman ran second for the final half of the race. His only hope of a championship lay with something happening to Smith, like a flat tire or an engine problem. But nothing happened and Smith came home the winner and the 2013 Sunoco Modified track champion.

  He was followed across the finish line by Timmerman, Ron Smith, Morgan and Matt Lees, in a race that ran green-to-checkers.

  “The car was great tonight,” stated Smith after the races. “The worst finish we got all year here was a fourth. It has been a good year for our team.”

  The Super Stocks were on hand to run a 17-lap memorial race for former driver and crewman, John Parone, who passed away this past year. Parone’s number when he raced was 17, thus the feature lap distance.

  Ironically Brian Gordon, number 17, took the early lead in the race. The yellow flew on lap 3, when Phil Alhart and Willie Strusz looped around in the second turn. During this yellow it was noted that leader Gordon, had a flat right front tire, so he pitted and relinquished the lead to Chris Vogler.

  Charging through the field was Strusz as he was vying for the Super Stock title with Mitchell Wright. Strusz worked his way to the front in just three laps. He took second and started to chase down Vogler. On lap ten, Strusz ducked low in the second turn, but fell short of completing the pass. He would try the low side again two laps later down the back stretch and made it stick this time for the lead.

  The checkers flew on lap 17, with Strusz taking the feature win. He was followed by newcomer T.J. Cochrane, who grabbed second on the final lap. Vogler finished third with Wright and Joe Miller rounding out the top five. Wright’s third place finished earned him his first track title.

  “I am so proud to take this win,” commented Strusz. “We raced against Parone, he helped us in the pit area. He was a real good person and great competitor.”

  The Auto Value Four Cylinders feature went yellow immediately with two cars looping out in the first turn at the start of the race. Once underway, Shaun Frarey passed Jennifer Dennie on the second lap and like shot out of a cannon, was gone.

  A yellow on lap six, closed the field back together, but Frarey didn’t waste any time in stretching out his lead again.

  This division offered the closest point battle of the night with the top two drivers, Kevin Bertolone and Zach Willis, entering the night just one point apart. As for Bertolone he suffered an official’s call of jumping the restart and fell back during the race. He tried to recover but never seemed to get going again. Willis on the other hand charged through the field into second and tried to chase down Frarey, to no avail.

  Frarey took the win followed by Willis, Joe Clark, Beth Dennie and Travis Montgomery. Willis’s run, plus heat win (worth 5 points) earned him the title by 17 points over Bertolone and Clark.

  The INEX Legends feature also ran green-to-checkers, with Bryce Norton taking the lead from Brad Salatino on lap two. Salatino just needed to finish close to Norton to win the points title, so he was not in a huge hurry to retake the lead. Norton picked up his third feature win in a row. But Salatino’s second place finish earned him the track title.

  Vern LeFave, Breanne Gilligan and Kyle Hafemann rounded out the top five finishers in the 15-lap feature.
The final feature of the evening was a 15-lap Super Six run. Rains would shorten this race to just 12 laps. But the entire distance was led by the 2011 track champion, Tim Faro. Faro took the feature win and regained his title from Brian Hallett. Hallett who was a points contender, finished a distant ninth on the field.

  Following Faro across the finish line were Adam VanHall, Brandon Allen, Keith Butler Jr. and Van Grant.
Next Friday, September 6, is the final night of NASCAR racing at Spencer Speedway’s oval for 2013. On tap is the 2nd annual Fall Open. That night the Sunoco Modifieds will be running a 75-lapper and the Super Stocks a 50-lap Big 10 Series race. Also running will be 20-lappers for the Super Sixes and Auto Value Scorpion 4-Cylinders. The NY-PA Midgets will also be making a special appearance.

  You can bring this past week’s rain stub to save $2 off admission to the next week’s races.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester , NY , along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson . Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASC AR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2013. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASC AR Whelen All-American Points.


- 2013 Track Champion: Zach Willis.
Z. Willis, J. Clark, A. Montgomery, J. Dennie, K. Bertolone.
HEAT 2: S. Frarey, B. Dennie, T. Montgomery, C. Bolton-Brown, T. Pratt.
FEATURE (15-laps): SHAUN FRAREY, Zach Willis, Joe Clark, Beth Dennie, Travis Montgomery, Austin Montgomery, Jennifer Dennie, Kevin Bertolone, Josh Schoonmaker, Tom Alloco, Tyler Pratt, Ashley Schoonmaker, Alison Knoepfler, Carrie Bolton-Brown, DNS: Russell Peets.

INEX LEGENDS – 2013 Track Champion: Brad Salatino.
B. Salatino, B. Norton, B. Gilligan, V. LeFave, K. Hafemann.
FEATURE (15-laps): BRYCE NORTON, Brad Salatino, Vern LeFave, Breanne Gilligan, Kyle Hafemann, Josh Marchese.

SUPER SIXES - 2013 Track Champion: Tim Faro.
T. Faro, V. Grant, K. Butler Jr., A. Cocilova, B. Schenk.
HEAT 2: R. Hillegeer, A. VanHall, B. Allen, B. Hallett, J. Elhage.
FEATURE (12-laps): TIM FARO, Adam VanHall, Brandon Allen, Keith Butler Jr., Van Grant, Ryan Hillegeer, Andy Cocilova, Barrett Schenk, Brian Hallett, Jay Elhage, Denny Coyle, Mike Gage, Bill Malin.

SUPERSTOCKS -2013 Track Champion: Mitchell Wright
B. Larner, W. Strusz, M. Wright, C. Vogler, J. Miller.
FEATURE (17-laps): WILLIE STRUSZ, T.J. Cochrane, Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler, Joe Miller, Phil Alhart, Brian Gordon, Brandon Larner, Ron Greek, DNS: Kris Hillegeer.

SUNOCO MODIFIEDS - 2013 Track Champion: Rusty Smith
R. Smith, M. Lees, K. Timmerman, B. Lippa Jr., Andy Lewis.
HEAT 2: T. Morgan, R. Smith, J. Boerman, E. Hawkins, D. Lewis Jr.
FEATURE (35-laps): RUSTY SMITH, Kevin Timmerman, Ron Smith, Timex Morgan, Matt Lees, Bobby Lippa Jr., Andy Lewis, Jake Boerman, Amy Catalano, Ed die Hawkins, Daryl Lewis Jr., Tim Lewis Jr., Bill Semmler, Chris Ridsdale.

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